To begin:

  • Please listen to Davidji's Awaken Creativity Guided Meditation on the Insight Timer App:

  • It is 17 minutes long.


I suggest you engage all five senses to relax for this process.

  1.  Make a beverage you love, such as lemon water or herbal tea.

  2. Find a quiet location.

  3. Dim the lights, sit in a dark place, or use a soothing eye pillow.

  4. Light an incense, or use your favorite essential oil.

  5. Sit comfortably with a soft blanket or any other textures you find soothing. 


Once you have completed the guided meditation, continue to the writing prompts.


You are not alone.

Within you, there is support.
Awaken this force.

Allow the energy to flow.

Watch the magic unfold.

1. Could you feel your sacral chakra awakening and expanding during the meditation? If so, did this energy feel familiar? Describe a time you have felt this energy in your life. 

2. How does creativity express itself in your life? What are your favorite ways to be creative?

3. Describe the link between your creative energy and your business. 

4. The sacral chakra is the womb of creation. Write a brief letter of gratitude to your sacral chakra for birthing the inspiration to start this business and the continued support as it grows.




Once you have completed your writing prompts, continue to YouTube for your daily EFT session:

A little something extra.

You will be co-creating with your sacral chakra for this entire program.

Nourishing and supporting the chakra is vital to sustaining this creative relationship.


  • The sacral chakra is orange. Wearing and consuming this color promotes balance.

    • Wear orange clothes and carry orange crystals.

    • Eat orange foods: sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, oranges, clementines, tangerines, and mangos.

  • The sacral chakra is connected to the element of water. 

    • Infuse your water with orange citrus fruits.

    • Take warm Epsom salt baths with orange essential oil.

  • Hip opening yoga poses create alignment with the sacral.

    • Specific asanas: butterfly, cobra, seated torso circles, and goddess.​

  • Listen to VAM chanting on YouTube or chant VAM when you need a boost.

To end your day:

  • Get into bed as you usually do.

  • Listen to Zoe Kanat's Yoga Nidra: The Light of Your Boundless Source Energy on the Insight Timer App:

  • It is 25 minutes long.


Don't worry if you fall asleep during the Yoga Nidra.​