To begin:

  • Listen to Sarah Blondin's Learning to Surrender Guided Meditation on the Insight Timer App:

  • It is 8 minutes long.


I suggest you engage all five senses to relax for this process.

  1.  Make a beverage you love, such as lemon water or herbal tea.

  2. Find a quiet location.

  3. Plan to shut your eyes or find something calming to watch, such as a burning candle or a tree outside your window.

  4. Light a candle or incense, or use your favorite essential oil.

  5. Sit comfortably with a soft blanket or any other textures you find soothing. 


Once you have completed the guided meditation, continue to the writing prompts.


You are here.

You have committed.

Release expectations.

Trust that you have been guided here for a reason.

Surrender to the process.

1. What does the word surrender mean to you?

2. What does surrendering to the process of this program look like in your life?

3. What ideas and worries do you need to relinquish to surrender to the process?

4. Create an affirmation that declares your choice to trust and allow what is supposed to unfold. 



Once you have completed your writing prompts, continue to YouTube for your daily EFT session:


A little something extra.

This section is optional but can add a little extra oomph to your daily commitment.


  • Write the ideas and worries you are relinquishing on a piece of paper and burn the paper while proclaiming: "I release you."

  • Write your affirmation on a Post-it note or small piece of paper and place it somewhere you can't miss, so you have a daily reminder of your commitment.

  • Create a daily alarm on your phone with your affirmation as the title.


To end your day:

  • Get into bed as you usually do.

  • Listen to Nids Nidra's Ocean Let Go Meditation Yoga Nidra on the Insight Timer App:

  • It is 13 minutes long.


Don't worry if you fall asleep during the Yoga Nidra.​