Welcome to INTENTION

At all times, we are living our life with an intention. If you are not consciously choosing your intention, your subconscious is based on your beliefs about this reality. 


A simple but transformative practice is consciously choosing the energy and attitude you want to own in each interaction and situation. 


This program is designed to discover what intention you want to bring to your business, clients, and the world.


Once you know your desired intention, you can infuse your company, website, services, and products with this vibration! 


When your intention and vibration are clear, your business will magnetize clients on that frequency with minimal effort

Over the next 11 days, you will complete meditations, writing reflections, EFT sessions, yoga nidras, and ceremonies designed to connect you to your intuition and divine purpose. 


You are the guiding force in this experience, for only you hold the truth of why you are here and what you are being called to do. 


This program does not tell you what to do but quiets all the outside forces attempting to. 

Please download the Insight Timer App on your phone. It is a free meditation app you will use each day.


Follow the Revive Report: INTENTION playlist for easy access to your daily meditation: https://insig.ht/hTq4lTAsinb 


(You can also access the meditations on the Insight Timer website: https://insighttimer.com/). 

You will be writing every day, so please have your preferred recording method ready. If you signed up for a consultation package, your writings must be submitted 72 hours before your consultation.

Follow the Revive Report: INTENTION playlist on YouTube for easy access to your daily EFT Session: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRJ2Lo6whaj6oY71MAmgsGTHnfJyAhLl_


The daily time commitment for this program is approximately 45 minutes.
If you choose to do the optional exercises, it will be closer to one hour. 

You will also listen to a Yoga Nidra on the Insight Timer App as you go to sleep each night.